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Team Power Meet Rules and Regulations

What to Expect At the Wisco Barbell Club Powerlifting Meet. 


Check in starts at 9am 

  • Sign in as you enter, if your full team has not arrived please indicate who will be joining you.

  • If you do not have a preset team, staff will provide you with additional individuals

  • Verify what lift you will be performing.

  • Pay competition fee ($10 for non-members, Free for current members)

Warm up 9am-10am 

  • There will be several warm up areas for each lift. 

  • Warm-ups may continue as lifting begins, but please be courteous to those attempting their lifts. (no excessive dropping of weights)

  • Warm-up wisely as you have one attempt 

Greeting/Rules 9:45am

  • We will start as close to 10am as possible 

  • Event rules (rules are posted below) 

  • We will take a group photo of all lifters and staff

Lifting 10:00am

  • You will be allowed one attempt at your lift, if this is your first ever powerlift meet judges may allow a second attempt.

  • Once your lift is complete feel free to stick around and cheer on your friends and other competitors

  • Photos and videos will be taken, if you would like a copy please let the staff know.

Final Announcements

  • Winners will be announce once the final lift has been completed

  • Thank you!


Rules: (what you must follow to have your lift count)

  • Judge has complete discretion over if a lift counts

  • We can take videos of the lift and review it

  • Warm-up before your lift, warm-up areas will be designated.

  • One attempt on your lift

  • Equipment is allowed (Ex: Lifting Belt, Straps, Wraps, Elbow/ Knee Sleeves) 

    • You can bring any of your own

    • You can use the gyms, but we don’t have everything

    • Shoes are required for all lifts

  • For Squat and Bench, you must unrack weight in full lock out position and wait for the cue from your judge before completing the lift. 

  • For Deadlift, once reaching full lock out position you must receive confirmation from judge before controlling the bar back to the floor 


  • Squat:

    • Must break parallel depth

    • Crease of hips below top of knees before ascending 

    • Once ascending, bar must be controlled with no bounce or loss of alignment (i.e. chest drops and bar falls lower, feet come out of alignment stepping in any direction) 

  • Bench:

    • Feet must be flat on the floor 

    • Uperback and butt must be in contact with the bench at all times during the lift.

    • Bar must touch the chest with an obvious pause at the bottom.

    • Judge must confirm the pause before completing the lift

    • Fully extend arms to full lock out before returning to a racked position.

    • No extreme arching

  • Deadlift:

    • Conventional and Sumo stance are both allowed

    • Bar must be moved in one continuous motion.

    • Must fully lock out at the top of the lift. Knees and hips should be extended, with shoulders back.

    • Return the bar to the floor with both hands staying in contact with the bar.

    • No Hitching or Ramping (supporting bar on thighs during lift)

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